What Year of College Should You Join A Fraternity?

The question “what year of college should I join a fraternity or sorority” is one of the most difficult questions to answer for many people. Firstly, while the importance of a strong brotherhood or sisterhood cannot be underestimated much like best buy coupons, it should also be noted that there are negative effects to joining a fraternity. As such, anyone contemplating of joining these types of organizations must first properly asses their options. Like the unlock HTC phone option, crossing the proverbial red line will bring one to a world full of marvels and these may not always be good for you.

Now, on the specifics of the question itself; again, it is foolish to peg a specific number on what year one should join a fraternity. We do not impose any age limit on an MBA healthcare management course or an online library science degree because age is not necessarily the basis for being successful at doing something.

In the case of joining a fraternity, the considerations can be narrowed to the essential ones. Try to ask yourself these questions:

1. Does the fraternity offer you something that will benefit your academic standing? Common examples include books, tutorial classes, resources for learning, and many others. Suppose you are studying for an MSW degree, it would be great to find useful study material from other fraternity members who have already taken the courses that you will be taking.
2. Are you joining a fraternity with a good standing in the community? There is a very big difference between joining a fraternity of recognized professionals and one that is notorious for starting riots in campus. If you are joining the second, you might need to re-assess your options.
3. Is the fraternity particular with keeping your grades? Being with other students to hang-out and chill is well and dandy but fraternities who ask members to maintain grades actually push people to perform in school. This is true for certain courses with very high professional credentials like a Master of Public Health. Being a member of this fraternity is more valuable than being with just any other organization.

As a final word on joining fraternities, the timing is dependent on a lot of considerations including your course load, your academic requirements, and your personal readiness. Like buying a Belize real estate property or getting a male enhancement procedure, you want to be able to commit to this change fully.

Pick a time when your coursework is not yet that heavy so you can give time to becoming a member without sacrificing your schoolwork. In the same way, do not make this the first thing you think about upon entering school. This is a definite indication that your priorities are not in order. Balance your studies and your search for the exotic like a keratin hair treatment and your goal to join a fraternity at the right time should be well taken cared of.