Five Things to Look For When Joining a Fraternity in College

If you’ve come across this article, chances are you want to live the Greek life–being in a fraternity. And since there are a lot of existing fraternities in colleges, choosing which House to enter could be hard, especially if you’re new to the campus.

Most fraternities will do everything in their capacity to make you sign-up with them and pledge, such as throw rush parties, arrange meet-ups with sorority girls, or even give a free cell phone. So since these fraternities will really tempt you into choosing them, you should be wise enough to know which of them is offering the real deal, just like you’re trying to find the truth about abs and genuine Xbox 360 hard drive.

Here are five things you should look for before you decide to join a college fraternity:

1. Rush parties. These are where college frats put virtual dog collars to prospective recruits by offering them free drinks, loud music, and the chance to mingle with beautiful sorority girls. Rush parties will provide you the opportunity to have a “feel” of the culture that exists in a particular fraternity, much like reading an electronic cigarette review to gauge the real worth of the advertised alternative to cancer-inducing cigarettes.

2. Reputation. Choosing which among the fraternities wooing you should join is like choosing which Solar PV or dreamweaver templates are the best–you should know how long has the fraternity in question been existing in the campus. This is important since fraternities that have been there for more than a decade generally have very good cultures in them, as well as support and funding from alumni and accreditation from college administrators.

3. Scope. Does the fraternity you’re eyeing has several chapters and offices across the country? Does it have alumni in key government or private sector positions?

Questions like these are important to ask fraternity members or people privy to fraternity dealings since they might help you once you graduate. Having influential brods could be indispensable if you want to enter into business or hold a particular office or government post someday.

4. Activities. Do frat members engage in smile makeovers, clean-up drives, or medical missions? Do they hold socials and similar events? Knowing about such activities that a fraternity get involved in is key to knowing the true character of the fraternity in question, just like knowing if the heat pump prices advertised by a seller are justifiable and legit.

5. Character. Fraternities will put their best foot forward, like doing como reconquistar a ex namorada–winning an ex-girlfriend–so you have to be careful not to be duped by devious ones. Ask around, do some research in the college records, hang around with frat members–these will let you know if the frat is for real and if you will actually fit in and enjoy being a bona fide member. Remember, you could bang your head on the walls if you happen to choose the wrong fraternity.