Five Tips for Choosing a Fraternity

With the arrival of fall comes the season to go back to school. And with the arrival of new students and a new school year, what better time than now to start recruiting members for the fraternity? Indeed, fraternities go on full recruitment mode at the start of the school. And the excitement is such that these fraternities typically do not discriminate between Masters in Education students or freshmen.

So if the unavoidable peer pressure gets to you and you decide to join a fraternity, the question becomes “how do you pick the best fraternity” for yourself? Of course, it does not need much explanation to argue that while it’s not as difficult as completing, say, a criminal justice online degree, it also shouldn’t be done in a thoughtless manner.

For this purpose, we list down five tips in choosing a fraternity. Take note that while this not a truly exhaustive guide, it lists some of the most important aspects to be considered when looking at choosing a fraternity.

1. Be familiar with the history of the different recruiting fraternities. This will give you an idea of the values that the fraternity espouses. Obviously, you will have brotherhood, camaraderie, and a sense of community but over and above that, what else can you expect? Is this a fraternity that values academic excellence and will therefore offer valuable help on certain course requirements? Is there an element of sports, a hobby, or social involvement that will give members a sense of fulfillment? It’s easy to get lost in all the hoopla about membership but at the end of the day, there has to be extra meaning to all your efforts. Your fraternity can very well offer compare log book loans to help you with tuition or whatever other matter; the important thing is defining a sense of purpose through the organization can excel and thrive.

2. After knowing the organization, it is equally important to know the members. Remember that in metaphorical terms, the window shutters are just as important as the window. So before you head out and sign up for the whole process, talk to and get to know the members of the fraternity. The best things to look out for are people who share the same interests and beliefs as you. You cannot go out, sign up for a fraternity and later realize that you stand in stark contrast to what the members believe in. To prevent this tragedy from happening, get to know the current members and see if you click with them before deciding to pursue formal membership into their circle.

3. Respect the rumors about the fraternities but do not go about believing everything that you hear. With the stiff competition among fraternities, it is normal to see dirt getting flung around to tarnish another group’s image. Instead of relying on hearsay, go back to learning about the group’s history and the members and use that as a basis for membership. You wouldn’t go out and rely on pure hearsay that says Blackberry Bold 9000 battery is crap until you really see one that can attest to the veracity of that statement. In short, be realistic and be discerning with the information that you get.

4. At every stage of the recruitment process, always ask yourself if the challenge is worth it. You are not just some Irvingia Gabonesis with no regard for outcome as long as you see yourself through. You will need to be practical, observant, and most of all, calculating. By evaluating the effort versus the potential outcome, you can motivate yourself to give the extra mile or decide to step back and drop it. This attitude will definitely come in handy when the tasks become progressively more difficult and even dangerous. Remember what your goals are and always assess everything you do relative to those goals.
5. Commit. If you are really convinced that the tasks are worth all the benefits, then commit to go all in and show what you got. It’s like car batteries UK; once it’s in, then you know it will last until the last mile. By showing this level of commitment, you will not only gain the respect of fraternity members but also prove to yourself that you can overcome the most difficult challenges if you set your mind to it.

You might also want to consider your safety at every stage of the process. Whenever you feel that things become too dangerous for your own comfort, it does not hurt to step back and quit. You are after good relationships but all of that would not mean anything if you are permanently injured. You are the guardian of your own safety, ala SEO that looks at everything and decides on the best course of action following the existing scenario.

In summary, a fraternity is only as good as the current members that are in it so always take the time to assess this. You can hang out in their location apartment perhaps on weekends, or do course work together. Friends will make membership into the fraternity more meaningful. It is the best anti aging cream against the harsh demands of school work and will help you stay sane despite the toughest academic challenges.

When you’ve learned to put together and master all those considerations, then you know that you are picking the best fraternity for yourself moving forward.