Tips for Joining a Fraternity in College

Fraternities on your college may have a huge turnout or a very little one at all. Either way, if you’re planning to join one, there are a lot of things to consider. Fraternities can actually offer benefits for most college students. Many of these groups provide an extreme social support network, leadership opportunities, and a private society to which you can go during and after your appointment at school.

Fraternities actually have a solid existence on college grounds and an even stronger commitment to public service. It is necessary to pick the right fraternity that suits you; the one that would meet your idea of what a fraternity should be. However, if you are uncertain about the whole process of joining a fraternity, here are some guidelines to get you started on the right track:

Quest for Rush Advertisements – Usually, fraternities will hold a “Rush” period at the start of the semester. Leaflets will be distributed by members of the group advertising their planned events all over campus. The Rush period is the time wherein those highly interested can have the chance to visit different organizations and get them informed of the group’s specific details. Rush events are simply meant for fun and social interaction, thus you must select as many as you want in order to get a glimpse of the different groups available on campus. Figure out where you fit in, try to ask questions, and be enthusiastic to catch the right fraternity
Wait for an application – Once the Rush period is over, the organizations will be considering college students whom they believe fit best into their standards and would give good proposals to them. If you’ve made an acceptable impression and have yourself connected with some of these groups, you’re will probably be given a proposal from that certain organization which is an invitation to make a pledge. It’s not an assurance though that you are already accepted, but it’s the first step to become a potential member. However if you received a number of proposals, then choose among them appeals most to you. Don’t even worry about hard feelings with those you reject. They know in the first place that not everyone will get interested and accept their offer.

Complete the Pledge period – Pledging may last for about weeks and it is the time when the fraternity agrees as to who will become new members of the organization. Many fraternities have made headlines by letting their pledges do things that are humiliating and precarious such as hazing. You don’t have to fear about this because many colleges have established “No hazing” policies. They just rely on your academic achievements and social behavior to decide if you fit for the group. Always remember that you can quit the pledge period at any time and re-rush another organization the next semester if you’re not comfortable with what you are doing.

Be inducted- The induction ceremony is generally a formal occasion and one that is taken seriously by the organization. If you completed the entire pledge period, be proud of yourself. By offering you a membership, it means that you have what it takes to be a member of their organization and that you possess the qualities they’re searching for to represent them on campus.

Being a member of a fraternity in college is considered a fulfillment to by most students. While others treat it with less importance or no good at all, it all goes back to how students deal with the pressure. It really takes discipline in joining a fraternity. Consider these guidelines and you will certainly end up blissful.